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GrillPro 30 EZ Check Gas Level Indicator SCALE PROPANE TANK            COVER TANK LIQUID PROPANE
GrillPro Magnetic Gas Level Indicator, Accuracy: 22 to 104 deg F, Suitable for: Type 1 Tanks Easily check how much propane is left in a tank with this handy tank scale. Simply hook it under the handle of any standard north American 20 lb tank and lift. The scale will indicate the fullness of a propane tank within a range based on its weight. Cover up your LP tank with a heavy-duty tank cover. The cover will protect your tank from the elements, while providing an additional, sleek touch to the tank area of the grill.
Mr Heater F273716 Replacement Gas Hose Assembly Mr Heater F276334 Propane Grill Quick-Connect Adapter Kit Onward 80064 Propane Gas Level Indicator
22 in propane replacement BBQ hose fits most propane barbecue gas grills. Quick connect x POL. For use with Ducane, Weber & PGS gas grills or other grill users of a Gas Mate II system. Plastic disposable assembly tool supplied for assembly. CSA certified, UL approved. Tank gauge for QCC1 tanks. Allows you to see the approximate propane level in your tank.
GrillPro 80004 Tank Hose Adapter GrillPro 80024 Hose/Regulator GrillPro 80012 Close Coupling Hose/Regulator Assembly
4 ft hose and adapter for LP appliances. Type 1 tank adapter. 24 in replacement POL hose and regulator. 24 in replacement QCC1 hose and regulator.
HOSE ADAPTER PROPANE 3FT      Mr Heater F271161 Replacement Hose/Regulator Assembly Mr Heater F276330 Propane Grill Quick-Connect Kit
The 3 ft propane adapter hose with regulator allows you to switch from a 1 lb propane bottle to a bulk (20 lb) propane tank. The connector is specifically designed to work with the Blackstone 17 and 22 in tabletop griddles and the griddle charcoal grill combo. 22 in repl propane BBQ hose and regulator assembly with appliance end fitting and acme nut is most commonly used to connect a propane tank to a gas grill. 1/4 in male pipe thread x male plug (quick connect x P.O.L.). Eliminates wrenches. Fits on all refillable propane cylinders, provides plug in/plug out use of appliances such as gas grill, torches, heaters, cookers and more. Plastic disposable assembly tool supplied for assembly. CSA certified, UL approved.
Barbour 7000 High Pressure Regulator/Control Valve Barbour 7906 High Pressure Grill Hose Barbour M5LPH/5LPH Braid Low Pressure Regulator
The Bayou Classic 10 psi propane regulator is for fry burners only. Provides enough pressure for burners made for 55,000 to 85,000 BTUs. The Bayou Classic 6 ft propane hose is UL listed. This propane hose includes a 1/4 in male pipe thread and 3/8 in female pipe thread. The orifice (5235) will fit on this hose to use with outdoor burners. The low-pressure regulator/hose assembly is designed for gas grills. Features low-pressure preset regulator, 36 in stainless braided LPG hose and 3/8 in flare swivel fitting.
Barbour M5HPR Adjustable ADAPTOR PROPANE TANK 1LB      Barbour 7908 High Pressure Gas Hose Assembly
5 psi adjustable high pressure regulator, 36 in stainless braided LPG hose with 1/8 in male orifice connector. Do not use on gas grills. Adapts a standard QCC1 propane regulator hose to a 1 lb propane cylinder for limited or emergency use while grilling. The Bayou Classic 8 ft propane hose is UL listed. This propane hose includes a 1/4 in male pipe thread and 3/8 in female pipe thread. The orifice (5235) will fit on this hose to use with outdoor burners.
Mr Heater F273071 High Pressure Propane Hose/Regulator Assembly Barbour M5HPR-1 Hose/Regulator Barbour 7910 High Pressure Grill Hose
5 ft Propane hose and regulator assembly connects low pressure portable propane appliances to a 20 lb cylinder. 10 psi high pressure regulator, brass control valve, 48 in stainless braided LPG hose with 3/8 flare swivel fitting and includes a No. 57 orifice brass connector (3/8 in male flare inlet x 1/8 in MNPT outlet). Do not use on gas grills. The Bayou Classic 10 ft propane hose is UL listed. This propane hose includes a 1/4 in male pipe thread and 3/8 in female pipe thread. The orifice (5235) will fit on this hose to use with outdoor burners.
Weber-Stephen Q 6501 Adapter Hose Barbour M2HPH Bayou Classic Dual Hose Regulator REGULATOR & HOSE KIT 30IN
Grill often and grill for many. The six ft long adapter hose easily connects your Q gas grill to a standard-sized propane tank. A full-size tank eliminates the worry of running out of fuel or constantly replacing disposable propane cylinders when grilling for a crowed. Our Bayou Classic propane burner accessories include replacement LPG hoses, regulators and burners for the entire line of Bayou cookers and Bayou fryers. Fits Genesis 300 Series gas grills (front mounted control panel). Also fits Summit 400/600 Series gas grills. Dimension of 30 in L x 4 in W x 0.6 in H.
Mr Heater F273720 Gas Hose Assembly Bernzomatic 308551 Portable Propane Gas Cylinder Onward 82110 Gas Hose Assembly With Quick Disconnect
12 ft Natural gas patio hose assembly is most commonly used for connecting natural gas appliances to the existing low pressure supply. Suited to recreational, commercial, grilling, heating jobs, industrial and home cooking. Engineered for lightweight strength and durability. Rugged, damage-resistant all steel construction. Comfortable hand-holds in the collar for easy lifting. Rust inhibited Durabond powder coat paint. Interiors are clean, dry and scale-free. Equipped with overfill prevention device (OPD). Built-in gas gauge. Unique float device accurately measures propane level. Natural gas quick disconnect hose, for use with natural gas appliances.
KIT CONVERSION NATURAL GAS    Bernzomatic 282154 Portable Propane Gas Cylinder Bernzomatic 305431 Propane Forklift Cylinder
Natural gas conversion kit compatible with Blackstone 28 in griddles, 36 in griddles, tailgater, rangetop combo and single burner rec stove. Manufactured to DOT, Transport Canada or ASME specifications. Automatic MIG/submerged arc welded gas containment welds. Produced for years of service without leakage problems, 100% leak tested before/after mechanical valve installation. Large collars for more inside collar area. Heavy-duty footrings for stability, durability. Lustrous Durabond 2000 powder-coated for high-quality, durability. Clean, dry and free-of-scale interiors. 48.5in H with 6.5 in x 5.1 in collar and 14.5 in Dia footring (49.5 in overall height with cap and flange). Provides LPG capacity of 23.6 gal, water capacity of 239 lb and volume of 6629 cu-in. Steel forklift cylinders feature two-piece construction with one horizontal weld for a stronger, better looking cylinder with less chance of leakage. These cylinders are manufactured to Department of Transportation DOT specifications in ISO certified facilities.(DOT- 4BA240) Product features include the following Engineered design for lightweight strength. Rugged, damage-resistant all steel construction. Rust inhibiting Durabond 2000 powder-coat paint finish. Tank interiors are clean, dry and free of foreign matter. 33.5 lb capacity.